Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Other Cooperating Teacher

Over the past few weeks you may have followed my journey throughout student teaching, but probably have not heard much about my other student teacher – her name is Kristin Leclaire. I took over her classes last, so if you are just returning to my blog or do not hear her mentioned much, that is why. Also Anne and I process the days verbally, although with Kristin it is more through written words.

Let me explain, Kristin is a writer, and a very good one at that. She sits in the back of the English 10 and American Literature classes taking notes, offering suggestions, and giving me feedback on my teaching. Then she e-mails to me the five, six, or seven page document of her comments from that day.

Kristin is an amazing teacher (so are you Anne). Both of my cooperating teachers have similar approaches to teaching, but a somewhat different styles of doing it. So it has been great to go to Kristin with my ideas and then go to Anne with other ideas and see how they react differently. It has been such a blessing to have two teachers, two sets of feedback, and two people to grow and learn from.

I also mentioned that Kristin is quite a prolific writer. She has been out of blogging for a while, but made her comeback with this post (click here). It is one of the most inspiring and fantastic pieces of writing I have read for a while. I really encourage you to take a look and get to know my other cooperating teacher.