Sunday, February 22, 2009

Collaborative Cooking: A New Approach for Males

As many of you may know, while I am currently living here in Denver I have my good friend James as a roommate.  Well James would be what many people consider a typical male – he is a little cooking challenged.  To the point that there were two humorous things James said today:


“Randon, do you know how to make scrambled eggs?”

Needless to say thanks to my mother and both grandmothers’ kind and gentle training I do know how to make scrambled eggs.  So this morning I had the privilege of giving James pointers on how to produce an effective plate of scrambled eggs. 

“Randon, I’m just going to mix up the cake in here” (referring to the ungreased cake pan).

First of all, I must say that I have witnessed for the first time James baking or cooking two things in one day – it must be a record that needs to be marked on the calendar.  Secondly, any seasoned (or anyone that has really baked a cake before or knows how to bake a cake) knows that you cannot mix the eggs, oil, water, and cake mix together in the pan as James was planning on doing.  Once again I was given the esteemed privilege of helping James out with his cake, which did in fact turn out to be pretty good after he mixed it in up a separate bowl and greased the cake pan. 

All in all I must say that this was not the first time that James has asked me for cooking advice and I’m sure that it will not be the last.  It just surprised me a bit that men, the guys that do not even stop to ask for directions, will stop and question their cooking.  Maybe it is because they actually care a little bit more about what they are eating than arriving on time to something.  Who knows, but what I found really cool was that James did ask me for assistance.  

If only more educators would do the same thing in their classrooms – ask for assistance – then maybe like James, they would become a little more successful in reaching their students, improving their lessons, or even getting better at classroom management.  Who knows, they might even learn how to scramble eggs or bake a cake?