Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Lecture: Help?

My senior class is in the middle of completing a Last Lecture project, based on Randy Pausch’s best selling book, The Last Lecture. They have to write a ten minute reflection on living, sharing what they would want to share about life, lessons lived, and ideas they would want to leave with people they love and care about most.

Anyway their first part of the lecture, it is divided into three parts, of their reflections on birth to high school was due on Friday. Over the next week Anne and I will read and conference with them about this part. Being fair to the students, and learning ourselves, Anne and I thought it would be really fun to do this assignment with the students. So we both created the first part of our Last Lectures and gave them to the students. We are hoping that we can inspire them with our writing, while also having them give us feedback on our writing.

If you want to read what I wrote or even give me comments, please head on over to the Fifty-Nine Minutes Wiki space by clicking here. Enjoy! The other two parts will be coming in the following weeks.