Friday, August 14, 2009

I Made A Promise...

...To keep writing this blog (thanks Karl Fisch).

So here I am, after a long break, and I am excited to continue writing.

Over the past few days I have been compelled to continue this blog, Fifty-Nine Minutes, as a reflection of my own learning and as a contribution to the conversation about technology, teaching, and education. Lately both a teacher, a professor, and a professional organization told me that my modeling of technology and the personal/professional dialogue that accompanies it within this blog have been an inspiration to others and that I should continue writing.

So I encourage those of you reading to continue to tune in, or tune back in might be more like it, as this journey of Fifty-Nine Minutes is not over. Student teaching was a great experience (more about this later), but now I am beginning a career (also more on this later)...

...Now I have my own classroom, my own school, and my own students
...Now I realize so many things to experience
...Now I realize how many things I have yet to learn
...Now I realize that Fifty-Nine Minutes is not the end, the end of the difference

Fifty-Nine Minutes, the blog name, came from a post that I had back on December 9, 2008:

"I have fifty-nine minutes teach. connect with my students. engage my students. make a difference.
Fifty-nine minutes starting January 5th, 2009.
No more, no less...fifty-nine minutes."

Now I realize that I, we, and teachers do not only have Fifty-Nine Minutes. We have more time and influence than that. Our time in front of the classroom, our fifty-nine, sixty-two, ninety-five, or whatever amount of minutes happens to be only a part of the difference that we make. It is a difference that lasts a lot longer than fifty-nine minutes and a lot longer than a school year - it is a difference that lasts a lifetime.

However, putting the name issue aside, "Fifty-Nine Minutes" the blog will continue. Just like the difference that teachers continue to make long after the bell rings.