Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogging- What’s the purpose of Fifty-Nine Minutes anyway?

I have often reflected over the past week about the true purpose of my blogging. Is it to do what my students are doing in the classroom and to see what it is like – yes. Is it because I want to keep my family and friends back home updated on what is going on in my life – yes again. Then comes the next question, are my posts boring? What I mean is that I sit here and pour out my day on this blog, but is it really effective? Is hearing about each one of my classes really that interesting? Is the fact that my seniors are studying The Picture of Dorian Gray and my freshman writing a position paper really that interesting? Honestly, if I was reading this blog I probably would have stopped a while ago. I read through a few of my blog posts from earlier and I found them to be a little dry and really long.

So here goes a new idea – what if I make my new blog posts short, sweet, and to the point? They will still be extremely effective and will probably involve some sort of reflection on what has been going on in my life that day or couple of days (soccer starts on Tuesday so blogging will probably take a back seat role to planning and teaching – sorry). My hope is that if I start writing this way, include my quote of the day and my take away, along with some sort of reflection over the past day or two days that I can keep this crazy blogging at a bearable limit and still keep my head above water. Thoughts? Let me know what you think by clicking below and leaving a comment.