Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trying to Find a Job is Hard Work

Ok, I am not going to complain here, but I do begin to wonder about this whole job hunt thing. When will it end?

So I started the teaching position search in January and here we are in March and I want it to be over. I will be honest, it is no fun when everyone else around you in other majors in college basically have their lives all put together and they know where they are going this fall and what they are doing. Me, I am currently an unemployed teacher. Anyone have some advice?

So I went to a job fair a few weeks ago and began to thrown my hat in the ring, the only problem – there are a lot of rings. Like the blog post about that fair said, it was tough because some people will not even look at you because you are a student teacher and others just are not even hiring in that area. However, I am sick of the game and I am sick of waiting too. I want to have this hole, this huge insurmountable hole in my life filled. I want to be happy and to do that I want a job. Sooner would be better than later.

I got back from the job fair and started going online and filled out the applications for those school districts that I was interested in. I truly believe that a job is a lot more than just a job at this point. I feel that a job needs to be right for both parties – the employer, the school, and me. Needless to say, I do not want to rush the subject either, but at the same time in this economy do I take the first position that is offered to me or not? But I guess I would need to get an offer first.

So I applied to some positions a while ago and still have not heard from the parties involved. So at what point do I start sending e-mails and calling people up asking if my application is complete or if they need anything else from me? I have to wonder, what else can I do to make myself stick out from the crowd? Any suggestions?

That being said, I know that I have an impressive resume and that my experience and awards speak for themselves, and I know that somewhere, sometime I will land a job. It is just a lot of hard work looking around, applying, waiting, and then hoping for an interview.

Here I go again, though, this next week on Thursday and Friday. 125 + rings to throw my hat into, only which ones do I seriously consider? That is the question…back to the grind of the job hunt.