Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still Learning

So there are only two weeks left in my time at Arapahoe High School, it has gone so fast, and I am still learning. It feels like, and I know this will be true, but I just am constantly learning something new about how to teach, what to say, how to push a kid just a little farther, or something that I can really apply to my teaching.

So just yesterday I made this mistake during sixth period. I really wanted to introduce a project that the students are going to have to turn in on Friday, April 3rd that involves the students interviewing family members. I made the mistake by trying to explain the assignment in the last two minutes of the period, the period before Spring Break begins. That is completely my mistake. It was stupid and really I know better. All important assignments need to be announced at the beginning of the period, even if they do not completely apply to the students at that point and time. They should still be announced then. So needless to say, I learned yet again not to do that. Thankfully, last time I did that I kept going and the students did not get anything out of it. This time I did not make that same mistake. I stopped myself and said forget it, but then I learned from the experience and do not want to make that same mistake anymore.

It feels like I have learned so much in these past eleven weeks, although at the same time it feels like I have only touched the edge of the iceberg in what real teaching is all about. Although, real teaching involves learning and that is what I have been doing and will continue to do for the rest of my time at Arapahoe High School and my career.