Friday, May 25, 2012

Help for Google Apps Users

Recently one of my graduate school professors at UNI, Dr. Z, asked me about support documents for Google Apps.  This is not an abnormal request for a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer like myself.  However, I do notice that a lot of people are a bit confused when looking for help as there are so many places to go.  I will RT his blog post here for those that are interested.  There are a number of great places to go online for support and I hope this solves the call for "Help!" when considering Google Apps.

However, the Administrative Assistants (AA) are one area of Google Apps users that is usually forgotten. These people are essential to the organization, but often times they do not get the technology support or training they deserve.  Shout out to Sally, Renee, and Megan!  Here are a few resources not listed above that are specifically for our AAs:

A PDF guide specifically for Gmail
How do you set up your email for a delegate situation?  How do you send email for your principal?

Video regarding Gmail delegation
Some people are visual and auditory learners.  Here is a resource for you!

Calendar delegation
In addition to Gmail, the other big task is setting up appointments using the calendar.  Look no further!

General Administrative Assistant Information
A one-stop shop for Administrative Assistants from Google.  Get support, resources, and a whole lot more.

Administrative Assistant Community
Everyone likes to bounce ideas off one another.  Check out this Google Apps community specifically for AAs.  You may just get your question answered or learn something new.

Please share this post with your AAs.

Do you have other resources that should be posted either on Dr. Z's page or here?  Please let me know!