Sunday, June 10, 2012

Creative Commons 101

In class recently we have been discussing Creative Commons (CC) and licensing the work we create.  Personally, I heard about CC back in Colorado at a technology conference and was a little confused.  There appeared to be a number of rules and stipulations all around the copyright issue, but then there were also many exceptions to that rule.  Honestly, I absorbed the information and let it sit on the shelf for the past four years – until now.

Creative Commons is a big deal.  We all create things, post things online, and want to be credited for our work if others use it.  In a perfect world we would always be contacted if someone wanted to use our work AND we would always contact the author of a work we would want to use.  Let's be realistic though, this does not always happen.  Therefore, in an effort to help us learn the basics of copyright and Creative Commons our professors put together this great enhanced podcast.  If you still have questions after this podcast, another great resource I found for educators  is also a post on The EduBlogger called "The Educator's Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons."

After reading all the resources and doing some own personal reflection, I figured it was my time to get into the Creative Commons arena.  I write, create, and publish stuff online and I might as well keep my copyright, but allow people to copy and distribute my work – provided they give me credit.  I can do this easily with a Creative Commons license.  Then I was thinking, what would be the easiest and quickest way to try this out?  How about getting a CC license for my blog?  And that is exactly what I did.  You can see the posting over on the right side of the screen and the license from CC as to how people can use my content as well.

In the spirit of the Distributed Learning Community I went ahead and created this video of how you can create a CC license for your blog:

These same general steps apply with an image, text, or other media format.

Do you have a CC license for your blog?  Why not?  I hope that you look into the information on CC and get a few licenses.  It just makes sense in today's world!