Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break – Why is it so short?

Overall, reflecting on my spring break I was able to observe other teachers, work on my classes and complete some grading, and relax a little bit. My parents flew in from Minnesota on Thursday, so I spent the last part of break showing them around Colorado and then they came to see me teach my classes on Monday. It was really special and I was thankful that they were able to come on out. However, I am just wondering where all of Spring Break went? It seemed so short. I fell like I should have gotten more planning, more grading, or more preparation activities done over break, but it just did not happen. I feel like I could have been more prepared for the last two weeks of student teaching, but somehow that did not happen. I guess my only conclusion would be that Spring Break is just too short. Teachers deserve a break from the daily grind of teaching, grading, and planning, but it all comes back to balancing that with self care and personal relaxation. Also, the transition back into school mode has been tough, but I am getting through it one step, one day at a time.