Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reflections on Fifty-Nine Minutes

I will be honest, when I started this blog I had two intentions: One, so that family and friends can stay up with my adventures while I am at AHS, and Two, so that I could participate in a method of publishing that I am expecting my students to be accomplishing on a regular basis. What I am amazed at, though, is where this blog has gone.

Little did I know:
…that I would have friends from home, who I did not even tell about the blog nor even who I have talked to in the past year, contact me via this blog,
…that I would be having both of my cooperating teachers thinking about and reflecting on our days in the classroom via blogs (not to mention linking to each other’s blogs),
…that I would be featured on The Fischbowl,
…that I would have comments on my blog from educators with lots more experience than me giving me advice (and please keep commenting as I want to continue learning),
…that the faculty and staff of AHS would be talking about and reading my blog (as evidenced by the secretaries in the front office who greeted my college representative with “Oh yeah, we know him because we read his blog” – and by the way thanks for all you do!),
…that this blog would be read, commented on, and exist as something that The Karl Fisch would like to see continue,
…and finally, that something that was intended for such a small audience can have such a great impact on so many different people in so many different places.

In C-11, the room at AHS where I teach a majority of my classes, Anne and Kristin have a poster hanging up that says, “This is not education as usual.” Well, I must say that the education I am receiving, both in the classroom at AHS, in meetings with faculty, on the soccer field, and on this blog by your comments is not usual. Instead, this is something that I never imagined could happen, but thanks to the beauty of the world wide web, a post on an award winning education blog, and a lot of people talking to other people it has happened. And for this result, I thank you as readers. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to learn about, read about, and comment on my learning experience at AHS.

In closing, I want to challenge you as readers to continue reading and to leave a comment of encouragement, a thought to consider, or just something that let’s me know you are enjoying the blog.

Thank you again for reading and as your author, I promise to continue writing.


Randon Ruggles

P.S. If you have any questions or comments that you would not like to post on the blog, please feel free to contact me at: